We are your partner for studies, applications, design, construction, r&d, training, calculation, examination,…


Our services in a brief description …

1. Consulting

  • Assessment of existing situations, studies of any kind from determination of company seats to
    and sales including limiting and avoiding payment risks
  • Requests and petitions to authorities in the specialized field of wood engineering in Austria and
  • Operational engineering
  • Realization, improvement, rationalization and automation of procedures and work processes also as
    general supplier
  • Supervising and checking projects
  • Project management, also long-term
  • Adapting, maintaining and checking production facilities in the entire wood branch regarding their
    agreement with laws and regulations for safety, hygiene, environmental protection etc., in Austria

2. Design

  • Planning, projecting and constructing corresponding projects like facilties, buildings and systems
  • Preprojects, drafts, development plans for ready installations, plans for handling details, company
    and constructions
  • Documentation for tenders
  • Supervising project-related invoices and approval of facilities
  • Research and development in the specialized field
  • Planning and developing new technologies and procedures in different fields

3. Calculations

  • Investigation of technical and economic data
  • Measurements and checks, evaluations
  • Feasibility studies and technical-economic performance comparisons

4. Training

  • Investigation of schooling requirements
  • Training the operational personnel on machines and systems
  • Introduction and check of quality standard systems

5. Supervision

  • Checking the operation readiness and safety of the machinery

6. Financing

  • Sourcing and evaluation of all the qualifying financial possibilities including the
    nationally, regionally or locally available monies for promotion, in Austria and

7. Marketing & Sales

  • Mediation of customers, marketing and sales management, key account management,
    Checking incoming amounts, limiting and avoiding payment risks, factoring, payments
    à forfait, export financing and export credit insurance